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BMA has noticed a considerable increase in spoofing of the name by spammers that is NOT connected in any way with BMA (please see Wikipedia for a discussion of spoofing).

There appears to be nothing BMA can do about this spoofing and we want to assure you that BMA does not spam and, in fact, has never even done a mass mailing to our established customer base in order to advertise our reputable products.

Thom Stevens


Biomedical Marketing Associates (BMA) was established in 1994 for the marketing and sale of supplies and equipment to biomedical research and clinical laboratories.  BMA specializes in biological material storage products such as tubes, boxes, inventory racks, and cryogenic freezers. Our sales territory is limited to the United States for most products (except cryogenic freezers where we are limited to a 5 state territory surrounding Ohio).

BMA is a direct distributor of Simport Scientific manufactured plasticware, the finest plasticware for biological science laboratories made in the world. Simport manufacturers in Quebec, Canada and has been the supplier of OEM products to many equipment manufacturers that rely on plastic consumables for their product lines.

BMA is a distributor of stainless steel freezer racks and consumables from various sources, all are pioneers in designing and manufacturing organizing systems for all the small samples generated in the science labs of the world.

BMA is a Manufacturer's Representative group that is regional to the United States area of Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky.  In this region, BMA represents Custom Biogenic Systems for liquid nitrogen (cryogenic) freezers and accessories



BMA prides itself on our position that differs us from the large distributors on 2 pricing issues that plague the laboratory science community:

  • BMA prices are reasonable from the beginning, and
  • BMA prices are the same for everyone.

That means we do not set "list" prices at such high levels that you think you are getting a great deal with a 10% or 20% discount (a price very probably still higher than those from BMA). Also, everybody is just as important to us as the next, so you all get great pricing. You don't need a contract to get fine service every time from BMA.

We invite you to compare what we have (it's all there with prices on the BMA internet site) and how it's priced against how you do business now. We are pretty confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by what BMA offers you.