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Micrewtube® Premium Screw Capped Vials

Micrewtube is a registered trademark of Simport Plastics

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Micrewtubes, withstanding a temperature range of -196°C to +121°C, are perfect for cryogenic work and can be autoclaved.  These tubes also withstand centrifugation up to 17,000xg.  Micrewtubes (11mm tube diameter) are smaller than the Cryovial cousins (12.5mm) and fit better in standard 5-1/4" boxes using 100 place dividers as well as some auto-collection applications.

Please click this picture to see what makes a Micrewtube betterMicrewtube anatomy

There is a wide variety of Micrewtubes and caps available to fit any need.  If you have difficulty figuring it out, give BMA a call to help sort it all out.

The following table shows the Micrewtube variety of caps available and the variety of tubes available. Everything else that follows is the combination of these caps with tubes and sterile versus non-sterile availability.

Micrewtube choices

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