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Culture Tube Closures and Caps

Caps & Stoppers

T401 Caps & Stoppers

Plug type push-in caps and 2-position snap caps are made of polyethylene for test tubes with outside diameters from 12 to 17mm.

Dual position caps offer two possibilities: the closed but unsealed position where samples are maintained aerobic for microbiological procedures; and the fully sealed position where the cap is pushed tight to seal the tube for anaerobic use or for storage, transfer and centrifuge applications.

17mm plug type caps (Series T401-10) are also for use with the Simport 15mL centrifuge tube series T408.

Packed in bags of 1000 caps.

Style: Plug for tubes 12mm
Cat.# Color Qty/Cs Price
T401-3N Natural 4000 $84.58
T401-3B Blue 4000
T401-3G Green 4000
T401-3R Red 4000
T401-3W White 4000
T401-3Y Yellow 4000

Style: Flange plug for tubes 13mm
T401-4S Natural 4000 $121.60
Style: 2-Position Snap Caps for tubes 12mm
Cat.# For tubes
made of
Qty/Bag Color Price
T401-3DSPE Polystyrene 1000 Natural $32.38
T401-3DSPP Polypropylene 1000 Natural $32.38

Style: 2-Position Snap Caps for tubes 17mm
T401-10DSPE Polystyrene 1000 Natural $43.13
T401-10DSPP Polypropylene 1000 Natural $43.13


T402 VACUCAP™ Tube Closures

An economical way to recap blood drawing tubes, disposable glass test tubes and plastic culture tubes. Flexible VACUCAP™closures protect from aerosols of highly infectious microorganisms. They guard samples against cross-contamination and laboratory work areas against infection and spillage. Precision molded from low-density polyethylene, with a double-flanged seal, VACUCAP™ clamps firmly on the tube. VACUCAP™ holds fast under most rigorous procedures, including centrifugation. Not suitable for autoclaving.

Designed for easy-on, easy-off use, due to the exclusive Dual Thumb Tab. Cap removal is simple and quick . VACUCAP™ closure is ideal for recapping most 13mm, OD and 16mm evacuated glass blood collection tubes. 13mm style can also be used on most 12mm plastic test tubes.

Seven colors give you at-a-glance sample identification and enable you to match original stopper color. Packed in bags of 1000 closures.

Cat # For Tubes Color Qty/Cs Price
T402-13N 13 mm Natural 6000 $119.06
T402-13B 13 mm Blue 6000
T402-13G 13 mm Green 6000
T402-13GY 13 mm Gtay 6000
T402-13L 13 mm Lavendar 6000
T402-13R 13 mm Red 6000
T402-13Y 13 mm Yellow 6000
Cat # For Tubes Color Qty/Cs Price
T402-16N 16 mm Natural 6000 $119.06
T402-16B 16 mm Blue 6000
T402-16G 16 mm Green 6000
T402-16GY 16 mm Gtay 6000
T402-16L 16 mm Lavendar 6000
T402-16R 16 mm Red 6000
T402-16Y 16 mm Yellow 6000


T404 Flange Plug caps

Flange Plug Caps


These caps have 2 flexible flanges to insure a leakproof seal. They will fit into test tubes and also round cuvettes and centrifuge tubes. Polyethylene

Cat # For Tubes Color Qty/Pk Price
T404-3N 12 mm Natural 1000 $20.00
T404-3B 12 mm Blue 1000 $20.00
T404-3G 12 mm Green 1000 $20.00
T404-3R 12 mm Red 1000 $20.00
T404-3W 12 mm White 1000 $20.00
T404-3Y 12 mm Yellow 1000 $20.00
T404-10N 16 mm Natural 1000 $31.00
T404-10B 16 mm Blue 1000 $31.00
T404-10G 16 mm Green 1000 $31.00
T404-10R 16 mm Red 1000 $31.00
T404-10W 16 mm White 1000 $31.00
T404-10Y 16 mm Yellow 1000 $31.00



T407 Pierce-It™ Closure

These disposable closures produce a firm, leak-resistant seal for glass and plastic tubes.  They will protect samples from evaporation and contamination.  They can be easily applied and removed with one hand.  They can be punctured to allow through-cap sampling via closed-tube instrumentation systems.  Will not interfere with most common chemistry, coag, and drug monitoring methodologies.
They can be stored in the refrigerator, in the freezer, or at room temperature.  They even withstand agitation in a test tube Vortex mixer.  Two sizes, 12-13 and 16 mm fit a variety of tubes including glass evacuated blood drawing tubes.  Available in 8 colors for easy identification.

Cat # For Tubes Color Qty/Cs Price
T407-12BK 12-13 mm Black 1,000 $ 62.15
T407-12B 12-13 mm Blue
T407-12GY 12-13 mm Gray
T407-12G 12-13 mm Green
T407-12L 12-13 mm Lavender
T407-12R 12-13 mm Red
T407-12W 12-13 mm White
T407-12Y 12-13 mm Yellow
Cat # For Tubes Color Qty/Cs Price
T407-16BK 16 mm Black 1,000 $ 62.15
T407-16B 16 mm Blue
T407-16GY 16 mm Gray
T407-16G 16 mm Green
T407-16L 16 mm Lavender
T407-16R 16 mm Red
T407-16W 16 mm White
T407-16Y 16 mm Yellow


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