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ChillBlock™ Description and Index Page

The metal ChillBlock™ Tube Rack is a thermo-conductive metal alloy tube rack made to eliminate inconsistancies which occur due to inserting tubes directly into ice, dry ice, water baths, and other common laboratory temperature sources. Place the ChillBlock tube rack directly onto a tempurature source and it will rapidly adapt to that temperature from -150°C to >100°C. ChillBlock tube racks ensure +/-0.1°C temperature uniformity of all tubes when cooling, freezing, or heating.


Anatomy of a ChillBlock


Protect your samples

Safer than sitting in ice

  • Variable ice contact may cause non reproducible results
  • Disorganized, wet samples and labels
  • Risk of contamination when tubes move in melting ice
  • Reproducible results
  • Samples are well aligned, secure and dry
  • All tubes are upright and indexed
  • All sample kept in uniform temperatures of <4°C +/-0.1°C


ChillBlock Index of Products

Made Of Rack Type   Product # Well Shape Link to Page:
Aluminum Alloy Microfuge tube rack S700-4 ChillBlock rack S-700-1,4,6,8,10 Cylindrical Go There
Aluminum Alloy Profile fit microfuge tube rack S700-14 ChillBlock well profile S700-14,16, 18 Conical Go There
Aluminum Alloy Cluster or storage tube rack S700-28-ChillBlock-Rack S700-24,28 Cylindrical Go There
Aluminum Alloy 15 & 50 ml tube rack S700-35-ChillBlock-Rack S700-35, 40 Cylindrical Go There
Aluminum Alloy SBS footprint tube racks S700-50-ChillBlock-Rack S700-50,52,56,58 Conical Go There
Aluminum Alloy Cryogenic vial tube rack S700-82-ChillBlock-Rack S700-60,80,82,84 Both Options Go There