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The Simport PCR® Family of Products

The assurance of highly accurate and contaminant-free procedures is here. Since 1975, Simport has developed, manufactured, and marketed a broad range of innovative PCR Plates and PCR Tubes to improve research techniques and methods. Some of the superior quality products are also distributed under private label by some of the world's leading laboratory products manufacturers and suppliers. Now, through the efforts of Biomedical Marketing Associates you can enjoy the best products economically and directly from Simport.

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0.2ml Reaction Tubes

small reaction tube

0.2 ml PCR Reaction Tubes for oil-free operation

96 Well Low Profile & Skirted Plates

low profile plate

For Real Time Q-PCR

Low profile PCR Plates having 100 ul capacity for reduced dead space

0.5ml Reaction Tubes

larger rxn tube

Individual PCR tubes, 500 ul capacity, with choice of domed or flat caps

Raised Rim Plates

Raised Rim Plates

A variety of raised rim PCR plates suitable for automation

0.2ml Reaction Strips, Detached Caps

rxn strip

PCR reaction strips, either 8 or 12 long, and choice of detached domed or flat caps

384 Well Skirted Plates

384 well plates

Thin walled 384-place PCR plates designed for the high capacity laboratory. 2-30 ul working volumes

0.2ml Reaction Strips, Attached Caps

0.2ml rxn strip

For Real Time Q-PCR

PCR reaction strips with attached caps having a 200 ul capacity

Opaque Skirted Plates

opaque skirted plates

Specialty PCR plates for use with chemiluminescent and fluorescent procedures

96,48, & 24 Well Thin Walled Plates

Standard Plates

For Real Time Q-PCR

Thin walled PCR Plates with 200 ul capacity

Combi Box & Racks

Combi Rack

Accessories for PCR reaction procedures

View the Simport Thermocycler Guide for tube and plate compatibility

All Cryovial®, PCR®, and other microtube products from Simport are DNase-, RNase-, DNA-, and pyrogen-free. That means these products are handled and packaged in hepa filtered environments by specially trained and clothed technicians.