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Pathology Processing/Embedding Cassette Product Index

BMA distributes the widest choice of histology cassettes on the market. By choosing us, you will be able to find an histology cassette especially suited to fill your specific needs when processing regular tissue samples, single and multiple biopsy samples, and also large specimens.

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See a color chart for the cassettes

Cassette Color Chart

Color Chart for Simport Histology Cassettes

Histosette® I - 30° Writing Surface M490 Thumb

Histosette I: 30° Histology Cassettes

Histosette® I 45° Writing Surface M498 Thumb

Histosette I; 45° Histology Cassettes

Histosette® II Attached Lids M492 thumb

Histosette II Attached Lids Histology Cassettes

Histosette® II Separate Lids & Cassettes Histosette II

Histosette II Separate Lids Histology Cassettes


Micromesh™ Biopsy Cassettes M507 thumbM508 thumb

Micromesh Histology Cassettes for Smaller samples

Slimsette™ Compact Cassettes M509 thumb

Slimsette Histology Cassettes

Slimmer Design for Larger Processor Loading

Macrosette® - A Deeper Cassette Macrosette

Macrosette Histology Cassettes

Base Molds / Biopsy Pads molds thumb

Base Molds and Biopsy Pads