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Culture Tube Family of Products

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Sterile Culture Tubes

T415 tubes

Sterile culture tubes with caps, specifications and pricing

Disposable, Non-Sterile Tubes


General use non-sterile tubes for bacrteriology, RIA assays, coagulation, specifications and pricing

Centrifuge tubes

T420 Thumb

Large tubes for urine collection and general specimen centrifugation, specifications and pricing

Culture Tube Closures & Caps


Caps and closures, including pierable caps, for various tubes, specifications and pricing

Internal Thread Vials

Internal Thread vials

Non-sterile internally threaded capped tubes, specifications and pricing

External Thread Vials

External Thread Vials

Non-sterile externally threaded capped tubes, specifications and pricing

13 x 100 Screw Cap Culture Tubes

Screw Cap Culture Tubes

Sterile and non sterile, with standard or tamper evident cap; specifications and pricing