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Clinical Laboratory Products

Plastic Labware for Every Laboratory

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Urine Collection/Cups

24 Hour Urine Collection

24-hour urine collection containers, various sizes of urine collection cups, urinalysis tubes.

Sputum Collection

Sputum Collection

Complete sputum collection system

Specimen Cups

specimen cup

Specimen cups and collection containers



Various sized Tricorn (tripour) beakers

Tubes & Closures

Culture tubes

Sterile culture tubes, assay tubes, centrifuge tubes and vials

Var. Sized Transport & Sample Collection Tubes

Sample and Transport Tubes

Various screw capped sample and transport tubes from 5 ml to 50 ml; some with tamper evident caps

Petri Dishes

Petri Dishes

A variety of round and rectangular petri dishes

Specimen Containers

Specimen Containers

Pathology orientated specimen containers, some with tamper evident closure systems

Specimen Bottle

Specimen Bottle

Drosoplila bottles

SeraNest Blood Sample Cups

SeraNest Cups

sample cups to fit onto blood collection tubes

Formalin Filled Cups


Formalin filled containers, 5 different volumes

Formalin Filled Biopsy Containers


CoreDish biopsy containers for use in the Operating Suite to collect various tissue samples for Pathology analysis