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Discounted Laboratory Products for Using and Storing Biological Materials

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Biomedical Marketing Associates
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phone (724) 935-6840
fax (724) 935-6840

BMA has norticed a considerable increase in spoofing of the name by spammers that is NOT connected in any way with BMA (please see Wikipedia for a discussion of spoofing).

There appears to be nothing BMA can do about this spoofing and we want to assure you that BMA does not spam and, in fact, has never even done a mass mailing to our established customer base in order to advertise our reputable products.

Thom Stevens


BMA is extremely interested in what you have to say

  • about this web site,
  • about doing business with us,
  • how you have been treated as a customer,
  • what you think of the prices we present,
  • and anything else you think we should know.

We believe that, even though BMA doesn't have everything a bio-lab needs to function, what we do have is

  • excellent quality,
  • highly useful,
  • less expensive than the other guys from the start,
  • and presented in an honest fashion.

If you agree or disagree with this, BMA is soliciting your perception and opinion. Let us know what works and what you think doesn't work so it can be improved.

Please, take a couple of minutes to extol our virtues or vent your frustration.

Thanks, Thom Stevens