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CBS Standard Liquid Nitrogen Freezers

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Standard Freezers

What is a "Standard" Liquid Nitrogen Freezer?

The short definition amounts to - a bucket containing samples submerged in the cryogenic fluid liquid nitrogen in order to maintain the samples at, or close to, -196°C.

That is obviously a gross simplification, but the basic idea is correct. Because there is such a huge temperature differential between the liquid nitrogen and room temperature there have been some very sophisticated technologies developed for insulation to keep from boiling off the cryogenic fluid rapidly. The larger freezers have also incorporated various auto-fill capabilities and alarms for alerting the worker should something fall outside normal specifications. Virtually all manufacturers of liquid nitrogen freezers offer this type of product.

The original concept was to hold samples submerged in liquid which work well until it was realized that cross contamination between samples can occur with the liquid as the transmitting vector. More often now, the standard freezer has a pool of liquid nitrogen in the bottom (usually 6" deep or less) that is used to cool the samples inventoried above. Unfortunately, the further away from the pool of nitrogen that the samples are stores the warmer they get.

For those applications not sensitive to cross contamination the "standard" liquid nitrogen freezer for in-liquid storage is the most cost effective choice. For applications sensitive to cross contamination the best alternative is the unique and patented Isothermal System, only offered by CBS, that is described HERE.

CBS offers 6 models of Standard Liquid Nitrogen Freezers ranging in size from 50 liters to 850 liters, and sample storage capacities up to 40,000 x 2ml vials or 2400 blood bags. All have the following features:

  • Round Space Saving Design
  • Stainless Steel Vessel
  • Castor Mounted
  • Advanced Lid Gasket
  • Counter Balanced Lockable Lid
  • Annular Fill and Sensor Tubes

Plus, Auto-Fill and Alarm Capabilities:

Controller Panel
2301 Front Panel Display
2301 Features
2301 Alarms
  • 4-Line LCD Readout
  • Liquid Level - Inches/Centimeters
  • Temperature Display - °F / °C
  • System Status
  • Start / Stop Fill
  • Report
  • RS485 Comm Port
  • Printer Port
  • Alarm Remote Relay
  • Memory Stores All Functions & Alarms, Time & Date Stamped, w/ Download to Computer Or Printer
  • Key Lock Power & Programming
  • Self-Diagnostic Power Up
  • Warm Gas By-Pass
  • System Vaildation w/ Print Out
  • Programmable Fill Timer - Allows Pre-Set Fill Cycles By Date & Time
  • Programmable Freezer Identification
  • Programmable Temperature Report
  • Programmable Report Print Out
  • Cryomonitor Software For Freezer Function And Alarm Download
  • Visual, Audible, and Remote
  • Low LiquidLevel
  • High Liquid Level
  • Temperature
  • Temperature Sensor
  • LN2 Source/Supply
  • Fill Valve/By-Pass Valve Failure
  • By-Pass Sensor
  • Remote Power Loss

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