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Isothermal Liquid Nitrogen Freezers by CBS

CBS assigns territories for this product line, and BMA can help you if you are in Western PA, MI, OH, KY or WV. If you are interested in these products but are outside the BMA territory please call CBS directly at (800) 523-0072 See more about what makes an Isothermal great below



Why is it called "Isothermal", and what makes it special?

CBS "Isothermal" liquid nitrogen vapor storage systems allow frozen sample storage at liquid nitrogen temperatures without liquid nitrogen contact. This innovative design provides storage temperatures in the -190°C range with absolutely no liquid nitrogen in the sample storage space. This PATENTED system totally eliminates the need to submerge any type of sample in liquid nitrogen. (If you don't know why you should keep your samples away from liquid phase read this.)

As shown in this picture graphic, the liquid nitrogen is held in a jacket that surrounds the dry sample storage space. This means that the cryogenic temperature is virtually the same from bottom to top, unlike a standard freezer that must have a shallow pool at the bottom of the space for cooling.

Of course, that shallow pool in a standard freezer takes away 3-4 levels of potential storage space, so for the same footprint you might get 35% more storage capacity with and Isothermal Freezer.

Isothermal Schematic


And, There's The Piece-Of-Mind From Automatic Functions

Controller Panel
2301 Front Panel Display
2301 Features
2301 Alarms
  • 4-Line LCD Readout
  • Liquid Level - Inches/Centimeters
  • Temperature Display - °F / °C
  • System Status
  • Start / Stop Fill
  • Report
  • RS485 Comm Port
  • Printer Port
  • Alarm Remote Relay
  • Memory Stores All Functions & Alarms, Time & Date Stamped, w/ Download to Computer Or Printer
  • Key Lock Power & Programming
  • Self-Diagnostic Power Up
  • Warm Gas By-Pass
  • System Vaildation w/ Print Out
  • Programmable Fill Timer - Allows Pre-Set Fill Cycles By Date & Time
  • Programmable Freezer Identification
  • Programmable Temperature Report
  • Programmable Report Print Out
  • Cryomonitor Software For Freezer Function And Alarm Download
  • Visual, Audible, and Remote
  • Low LiquidLevel
  • High Liquid Level
  • Temperature
  • Temperature Sensor
  • LN2 Source/Supply
  • Fill Valve/By-Pass Valve Failure
  • By-Pass Sensor
  • Remote Power Loss



The 1500 model could be considered a personal model, the 3000 could service several researchers, the 5000 and 5000EH models are for large capacity storage purposes such as tissue banks.

Isothermal Specifications

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