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Inventory Control Systems for Cryogenic Storage

Of Blood And Blood Products

Blood Bag inventory Systems
Boasting a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on the workmanship (exclusive of abuse) on stainless steel freezer racks, BMA presents the largest selection of off-the-shelf racks available. CBS has long been the manufacutrer of choice for blood component storage.

Before you order or inquire about racks, please measure your freezer.

The most important freezer measurements are both the diameter of the freezer and the depth of the freezer under the insulation boards to the freezer floor (account for a riser when using a standard freezer in vapor phase). The bag measurements are critical for choosing the proper canisters and frames.

Be wise and measure twice. There is a 25% restocking fee for returned product.

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Canisters are available for most major types of blood bags


Blood Bag Canisters

Frames are specific to the size of the canister and the intended freezer

storage frames

Canister Storage Frames for Chest Freezers

Canister storage racks are available for the different sized canisters for those who choose to store the blood products in an upright freezer

Upright Freezer Canister Holder

Canister Storage Racks for Upright Freezers


Complete Cryogenic Freezer Storage Systems, Including Canisters, Frames, and Dividers

Complete Storage Systems

Complete Storage Systems for Blood Bags