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Upright Freezer Holders for Blood Bag Canisters

Canister Holder

Holders listed are for all standard bone marrow, stem cell, cord blood, and plasma bag canisters. Made of stainless steel.

Canisters are generally stored on their sides for best fit.

small canister holders

Order # Dimensions All Fit Canisters Price
UCH 43-3.75
3"h x 15-1/2"f-b x 5-1/2"w
ZC020, ZC060
UCH 53-3.75
3"h x 19"f-b x 5-1/2"w
UCH 63-3.75
3"h x 23"f-b x 5-1/2"w

Mid sized canister holders

Order # Dimensions All Fit Canisters Price
UCH 26-6.12
6"h x 12-1/2"f-b x 5-1/2"w
ZC001, ZC021, ZC022, ZC023, ZC024, ZC025
UCH 36-6.12
6"h x 18-5/8"f-b x 5-1/2"w
UCH 46-6.12
6"h x 24-3/4"f-b x 5-1/2"w

larger canister holders

Order # Dimensions Fits Canisters Price

UCH 26-9.25

6"h x 18-3/4"f-b x 5-1/2"
ZC004, ZC005, ZC011
UCH 26-11.25
9"h x 23"f-b x 5-1/2"w
ZC012, ZC002
UCH 16-23
6"h x 23"f-b x 5-1/2"w
ZC012, ZC013, ZC014

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