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Background Reading

BMA has been representing companies (especially Custom Biogenic Systems) dealing in products for cryo storage and has personal experience working with the cryo storage of biologicals dating back more than 30 years. During that time there has been considerable change in attitude about the relevance of contamination considerations and safety of product when stored in liquid nitrogen. BMA believes that the storage of biologicals is a widely under-appreciated tactical issue with respect to successful biological research.

What follows is a, usually, non-scholarly but thoughtful discussion of recurring issues that should concern workers in the biological sciences. Click on the title to bring up a pdf file.

1. Cryogenic Storage of Biologic Materials in Screw Capped Vials

This is primarily a discussion of leaking caps and exploding vials from when liquid phase storage has been used.

2. Cross-Contamination of Samples Stored in Liquid Nitrogen

This, very brief overview, makes the case for using vapor phase storage and references #3 following.

3. Sperm cryopreservation: is there a significant risk of cross-contamination?

This opinion piece is a scholarly work from Gary N. Clarke taken from the journal Human Reproduction with an excellent reference section for further reading.

4. Liquid Nitrogen Consumption in Cryogenic Freezers

There seems to be a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding of cryogenic refrigeration and the actual considerations for choosing freezers that this piece attempts to address.

5. Why Use Vacuum jacket Hose?

SuperFlex® Vacuum Jacket Hose is considerable more expensive than traditional braided steel hoses commonly used to transfer liquid nitrogen from a source tank to the freezer. This piece addresses the economics of using VJ hose rather than non-insulated hose.

6. Need a safety Manual?

Here is the 2004 Safety Manual (Code of Practice) from the University College of London for the laboratory use of liquid nitrogen.  This is as well presented a safety manual regarding most aspects of liquid nitrogen as I have seen.  There are some technical details about liquid nitrogen for those who like that sort of thing, and there are excellent handling and safety procedures for those interested in the everyday practical side of things.

7. MSD Sheet for Liquid Nitrogen

This sheet was put out by Matheson Tri-Gas, but your local gas supplier will have something almost exactly the same.

8. Interested in joining the biomedical field in some way?

The following link is explained by the author: The website is a comprehensive search engine designed for students who are interested in learning more about Biomedical programs around the country..

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